Monday, March 29, 2010

Gardein “Chicken” Scaloppini with Shiitake Sake Sauce, Braised Spinach and Spaghetti oh and that other stuff – chicken…

Can you tell the difference?!?!??
OK Guys here’s the deal…. I love doing this blog and spreading the word about not only good food but fabulous vegetarian dishes AND Meatatarian meals…. the issue is… these recipes take a little bit of time to type up – and while I don’t mind, in fact I LOVE to share… I don’t know who is reading this blog other than my mother-in-law – thank you Mom!!!!  I am going to continue to post because I enjoy it, but… if you would like the recipe just ask me, become a follower of the blog or e-mail me.  With all of that said… {{{{drum roll}}}} let me introduce you to “Chicken” Scallopini Asian Style….
Hubby and I both – LOVED – this dish!!  In fact, he even liked my veggie version – I know – Crazy!! 
This was super easy to make and really the only two “unusual” ingredients that are required are Sake and Sesame oil.  Here is the upside on both of these – Sake is delicious on its own and Sesame oil will last F-O-R--E-V-E-R (anybody getting a replay of the Sandlot????)  For a vegetarian dish this is extremely meaty and I love the way this dish was prepared – it tasted a lot like fried chicken, again, Asian style.  This recipe was adapted from a Vegan Cooking God Tal Ronen who has turned the world of Vegan cooking up on end.  I really consider myself rather lucky that I stumbled into this movement when I did because the options are endless!!!  I promise!!!  What is interesting is that while I don’t believe that the Gardein “Chicken” tastes like chicken, after what 3 weeks??? I really can’t remember what chicken tasted like….  I really haven't missed the meat…  Hubby even tried my dinner while eating  his dinner and he said mine was “Really Good” – this is a direct quote people!!!  This is back to back with normal processed semi – sad chicken.  Semi-sad because we only buy organic chicken from Whole Foods – that is the only way I will allow it in my house.
I guess I should describe the dish so that way you guys want to e-mail me and say – yes, yes we want that recipe!!!  This is, like all of my dishes, a rendition of an actual recipe… (that’s how I roll).  I can only describe my dinner, because, well, that is the only one I ate and I think Lloyd would only say – “yum” – in fact, I think that is exactly what he said…  The “chicken” was well chickeny – it was great.  I lightly dredged in a flour mixture with flour, salt, pepper and sesame seeds.  The sesame seeds added an additional depth of flavor and the flour served as a thickening  agent for the yummy sake sauce that went over the top of the entire dish.  The “chicken” and chicken was lightly sautéed to a golden color and set aside, while the pasta bubbled away and I got to work on the spinach.  The spinach was  sautéed in the everlasting sesame oil, garlic and a little soy sauce (for good measure).  Because I love onions we also sautéed some onions and shiitake mushrooms, this was added to the sauce and then plated up.  This was a great dish and made me appreciate Gardein even more – I mean really – I could lap this up with ketchup and if you know me at all – that means this qualifies as a crave worthy food (minus the sauce – you don’t want to meddle with the ketchup flavor – hello!!!!)
Seriously, if you enjoy the blog – show some love – let me know….
Peace out!!!


  1. Great recipe...I "roll" like that too...make it your own! You must try Soy Delicious nuggets---they DO taste just like chicken, & made here in NC! Find them at Deep Roots, Whole Foods, & Earth Fare (where they also have them prepared in the deli...Jerk, BBQ, Lemon Pepper) I have baked, deep fried, and chopped up for "chicken" salad and fooled many...honestly the only meat sub I enjoy.

  2. Awesome idea Frank I will check them out.... actually do they use these to make Mock Chicken Salad at Earth Fare??? I have had that - that's what got me started on soy...

  3. Just so you know... I read and LOVE your blog... my problem, I don't even know half the ingredients that you reference, or have half the kitchen utenzils you do!! :( I'm hopeless. You should hire yourself out for lessons. You can practice on me. :)

  4. You know Mary, I have thought about it.... I guess i just need one or two willing guinea pigs to get the ball rolling... :)


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