Monday, August 2, 2010

Art for Pennies

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have gotten to the point where I am so tired of mass produced art I could scream!  Well, maybe not scream but I have decided I am not going to buy anymore.  I have been playing with different types of art – acrylic painting, pastels, drawing and even some art with a spray can which I will show you later.  I want to inspire you to break out of the box!  Stop worrying about being perfect!  You can always start over, and on the same canvas in most cases.  I was always daunted by painting because I was afraid that I was going to spend money on a canvas, then screw it up and then be stuck with a crappy canvas that I didn’t like!  Then I learned about Gesso, whish is really just a canvas primer (I also use latex primer from Sherwin Williams).  If you are working on a piece and you for some reason manage to royally screw it up – Gesso over it!  Start over!  It is really liberating and I have an original piece of art work that no one else in the WORLD has…. :)
I dare you to try it.  Michaels, Hobby Lobby and A.C. Moore are always having sales on their canvas and the acrylic paints are about $1 each.  You don’t need any fancy brushes – just the cheap ones that kids use will work great (I use a brush for painting walls).
Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures as I was working but if you would like some help check out this blog tutorial.  She is one of my favorites!

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