Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden goes “BOOM”

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I have promised you guys a post on our garden and here it is, with the season almost over and now into the height of canning (which I will post about later).  So, this is our 2nd year growing an all Organic garden.  Let me start off by explaining what I mean… The only thing in our garden that is not organic are sometimes the seeds we start with (Organic seeds are EXPENSIVE!!!) and the Terro we use for the ants…  :)  BD (Baby Doll) loves his garden, in fact he has an affair every year – with the garden… I really think he spends more time with the garden than me but I am not complaining – He loves it and we get all of this delicious food. 
We have planted the following this year:
Spring Garden: Spinach, Mesculin Lettuce, Baby Carrots, White and Red Texas Sweet Onions, Sugar Snap Peas
Summer Garden: 18 Tomato Plants (Better Boys, Romas, Brandywines, Pink Girls, Heirloom Variety Pack), 3 Tomatillos, 12 Peppers (Poblanos, Jalapeños, Pimentos, Cayenne and Sweet Banana), 3 Ichiban Eggplant, 2 Cucumber, 1 Cantelope, Potatoes, Tenderette Green beans, 3 Squash and 3 Zuchinni, Tons of Marigolds for all natural pest control… :) and then herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Dill, Lavender, Mint, Chives and we also have Tommy Toe and Jelly Bean tomato plants in pots… :)
If you guys have any questions let us know, BD has done some major research and might be able to help you out if you need him… :)  Having the garden is great and especially when you don’t have to worry about pesticides and artificial fertilizers. 
Happy Gardening!!!!

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  1. Aliyah- Love your blog! And your garden looks amazing!


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