Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horrible Pizza

OK guys, no real post today.  I had to study for a Geology test last night and had other homework also….  I know, quite the cop out… :)  Anyway, I did maintain going vegetarian throughout the day and I have not missed the meat thus far.  I actually feel better (other than after the horrible, horrible pizza).  I haven’t been bloated, icky or anything which is really pretty new for me.  :)  Any
way, hopefully I will have another recipe up for you tomorrow.  Monday night we had Tempeh Gyros with raw slaw and corn chips… Yum!!!!  Promise!!!  So instead of leaving you with a recipe I am going to leave you with a video, watch it at your own risk.. it is gruesome, graphic and made me cry but I feel everyone should see it.  If you can stomach it, there is a part two…

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